Home compostable packaging for Made for Drink

Made for Drink create intensely delicious bar snacks that pair beautifully with a drink, inspired by different drinking cultures around the world. They commissioned Innovate to Zero to help them stop one million packs a year going to landfill.

Premium snacks brand Made for Drink commisioned an in depth study to evaluate packaging options for their brand – both today and in the future. 

The study analysed the positions of major retailers in the UK, significant voices in the charitable sector, UK government and the recycling industry. This dovetailed with research into current and future packaging options, how well they fundamentally protect the product, and their performance in the filling environment and supply chain.

Following on from the research, Innovate to Zero shortlisted suppliers and options for different packaging substrates. We advised on test methods to gain quantitative data on packaging performance and shelf life.

The result?  A home compostable bag that delivers Made for Drink’s brand – and brand values – perfectly.  The plastic-free substrate supports the companies’ goal to eliminate plastic from their supply chain.

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