Eco Friendly packaging and Sustainable solutions: our Portfolio


Made for Drink

These inspirational founders replaced 1 million packs a year with compostable packaging in their commitment to become plastic free.  We scoured the world for Made for Drink to identify the right substrate for them to use and created a roadmap of  future opportunities.



Pioneers of change – VFC founders, Matthew and Adam, engaged Innovate to Zero to specify and source all their packaging as they launched their delicious Vegan Fried Chick*n.  Just 2 months and 8 SKUs later their brand was born.


No Chocolate

The founder of this incredible Vegan, clean label chocolate needed support to reduce the cost of her existing outer whilst retaining its environmental credentials, quality and overall delivery of the brand.

Eco friendly packaging and sustainable solutions


Heineken Cool Can

This technical innovation involved working with ink manufacturers and the beverage can manufacturers operational teams to deliver an ink that was both colour changing and tactile.

The result was a can that drove sales for the brand in this sustainable, eco friendly packaging.


Orbit Closure

Research conducted by the University of Sheffield identified that 90% of consumers aged over 60 could not open a standard jam jar lid.

This revolutionary innovation reduced opening torque by 50%.  Unlike other 2 piece closures, the product is manufactured from a single blank, dramatically reducing the material required.


Full Aperture Beverage End

The full aperture end allowed cans to be served at events removing the need for plastic drinking glasses.

This beverage end has a detachable panel allowing for rapid opening and serving. 

It is an apparently simple idea but the main innovation required was how to safely vent the high pressure in the beverage during opening.

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