Sustainable packaging
From Vision to reality

We work with food and beverage brands to navigate the world of sustainable packaging.  From pioneering start-ups to growing challenger brands, we help clients specify, design and source the optimum packaging for their products.

Our work

Here are some examples of recent work from our portfolio.  All our projects are guided by the client's needs then our two core principles - to use the most sustainable materials available and to minimise the carbon footprint.

Let’s get listed

More than ever, retailers are listing brands on the sustainability credentials of their packaging.  Innovate to Zero can support you to understand retailer requirements and design your packaging accordingly. Find out more – book a Discovery Call today.

Our sustainability framework

Having conducted extensive research on major retailer sustainability requirements, our unique framework helps you select the most suitable packaging for your brand.  We can include some or all of the following activities, depending on your product, brand, time, budget and desired outcome.


Brief of packaging requirements

Carbon Footprint evaluation


Recycling infrastructure analysis


Retailer requirements study

Packaging legislation roadmap


Evaluation Matrix Options


We have an intricate understanding of the most influential forces affecting the packaging industry.  From the publications of the Ellen McArthur foundation, WRAPs latest developments or reading the latest updates from Incpen to being members of the OPRL and more. We live and breathe the world of packaging so that you do not have to.


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